Impactful Use of Images/Pics in Search Engine Optimization

SEO Imge Names

The reach of Search Engine Optimization so extensive that sometimes even the most experienced marketer tends to overlook certain aspects of Image Optimization. SEO optimized images can really boost your ranking in Google’s image search. This, in turn, will bring in more traffic, especially if you are selling products online. Images bring a website to life and also contribute to optimize your SEO score. Here we explains how to fully optimize an image for SEO and provides some pointers on using images for the excellent user experience.

Optimization: Images for Search Engines

Optimization matters for Search Engine Optimization protocols because Google’s algorithm pays attention to behavior metrics that reflect user experience, like bounce rates and the amount of time visitors spend on a web page. But images can also be optimized to more directly help with SEO as well. Always use relevant images that matches your text based contents, pick a plain file name for your image and never overlook the ALT tag. Reduce the file size, add a caption, if appropriate, for easier scanning of the page.

  • Rename your images descriptively and in plain language without spaces, use dash instead
  • Optimize your alt attributes carefully
  • Choose your image dimensions and product angles wisely
  • Choose the right file size and type

Demonstrate The Differences

Do you ever wonder why your images never show up in Google’s image search? It is primarily because they are not properly optimized for search engines.

Visual content has always been important for humans. With advances in technology, especially the Internet, the evolution of media has been unstoppable. With the average Internet speed in Mbps now, the inclusion of media including high-quality photos, videos, GIFs, etc in our content is the new norm.

Deliver your brand message

Using the right kind of visual strategy is not only limited to your web pages, it is equally important to know which fonts should be used in email marketing, social media, and what not.

1. What is it about your service or product that makes it unique?

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3. Who is your ideal customer/client?

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4. What’s the #1 goal you have when it comes to your website?

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