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Whether you currently use digital marketing for your online business, or haven’t yet started a campaign, chances are you have some questions. Take a look at some of the most common questions and answers below.

Do I really need SEO?

Not all companies need to implement a full-scale, robust SEO program but SEO is important for greater searchability and visibility. Organic Searches are more often the Primary Sources of Website Traffic and Sales. With the rise and growing domination of mobile traffic, local search has become a fundamental part of small- and medium-sized businesses’ success. It’s Quantifiable, Long-Term Strategy.

Which is better, SEO or PPC?

Ultimately, it’s your decision to choose the best for your business growth. Both SEO and PPC are part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which is one of the tools you can use as part of your overall Internet Marketing campaign. There are two key differences when considering SEO or PPC. The first is that paid ads appear at the top of the page, above the organic listings influenced by SEO. The second is that traffic from organic via SEO is free, whereas traffic from PPC has a cost for each click. In many cases, SEO and PPC work best when integrated and strategically aligned.

What social media platforms are best for my business?

It all depends on Audience or Goals! While social media presence is crucial for all businesses, each company will have different social media needs and strategies. For some, Facebook will be the best platform for business, while Instagram may be better for others. To determine which platform is best for your business, it is important to first determine your target audience and social media goals.

How much I need to pay for Facebook?

Facebook is a free social networking site. Users do not have to pay to create profiles or business pages unless they wish to market their page through ad campaigns. Simple and easy to use, Facebook Ads can help businesses boost their visibility, market products, or promote events according to the budgets and goals.

How does a website increase sales?

Always offer a convenient way to shop your products and services to the viewers. Through the use of pop-ups offers and special online discounts, small businesses can encourage consumers to make the switch from window-shopping to buying. With an enhanced incentive to buy, along with clear and concise product descriptions, users are quickly turning to company websites for all their consumer needs. Improve your Local SEO.

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